Written by Divinity Nutra, Updated on March 3, 2023

Elderberry Gummies

Elderberry hardly needs an introduction in today’s world where the internet is swarmed with articles about this superfruit. Over many decades, the use of elderberry as an herbal medicine has been continuous.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, regarded this berry as “nature’s medicine chest.”  The reason why it has become the talk of the town is the prevalent statistical-based research studies and discoveries of the various elderberry benefits.

This gift from nature grows on the elder tree that originates in Europe, Asia, North America, and Northern Africa. Black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a small, round and dark purple berry. Contrary to their small size, they are composed of high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins that bestow these berries the significance they hold today.

There are other methods of consumption, such as elderberry syrup and elderberry tea. However, the gummies remain a fan favorite due to their delicious taste, as well as the additional vitamin C and zinc content for enhanced immunity.

In this article, we’ll cover the elderberry nutrition facts, side effects, and dosage recommendations. But first, the health benefits of elderberry gummies include the following:

1.   Boosts Immune System

The components of elderberry grant it immune-boosting characteristics. These are vitamins A, B, C, and the famous anthocyanins and flavonoids, which possess antioxidative properties. These immunostimulants strengthen the immune system to combat pathogens and other foreign invaders.

Cold and Flu

Perhaps the most common use of elderberries is in the treatment of the common cold and flu. Anthocyanins inhibit the replication of the flu virus and make its symptoms less severe. The length of time a cold will last is also known to be shortened along with reductions in symptoms such as nasal congestion, and runny nose.


Research is a bit sparse regarding elderberry’s potential as a treatment for this novel disease, but there may be a slight correlation. As SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID) is known to trigger a cytokine storm in the body, elderberry may be able to reduce this inflammation to inhibit the aggravation of COVID symptoms. Elderberry can also improve lung function, which is an important consideration since COVID is a respiratory disease.

2.   Reduces Bodily Inflammation

Inflammation is associated with the abundance of free radicals in the body. These unstable particles can cause chronic oxidative stress if not removed. The natural antioxidants present in elderberries can eliminate these molecules, bringing about a natural anti-inflammatory effect. This process can also help reduce swelling in patients with rheumatoid arthritis or other painful conditions.

Allergies & Asthma

Elderberry provides relief against allergies in two ways; through fortification of the immune system and the attenuation of inflammation. Elderberries are also popular for protection against respiratory ailments. Its efficacy in promoting healthy lung function validates the likelihood of it being a suitable herb for asthma treatment, similar to that of turmeric.

3.   Supports Digestion

Anthocyanins bolster the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Good bacteria are important in amending the anthocyanin chemical structure so that bad bacteria growth can be impeded. Modified anthocyanins are easier to be absorbed into the bloodstream and they can benefit other organs, too. All this keeps the digestive system healthy.

Constipation & IBS

Elderberries are rich in fiber which is the ideal nutrient for healthy intestines and therefore, normal bowel movements. Chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are often relieved with anthocyanins, a primary component in elderberry.

4.   Improves Heart Health

When it comes to cardiovascular matters, elderberries have several therapeutic uses.

Blood Pressure

Elderberry is particularly beneficial for hypertensive people as it lowers uric acid levels which is a strong risk factor for high blood pressure. Moreover, studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of elderberry’s phenolic content in lowering blood pressure through the relaxation of blood vessel endothelial lining.

Cholesterol & Triglycerides

A diet rich in anthocyanins can lower cholesterol levels, reduce triglycerides in the blood and increase the HDL (good cholesterol) to LDL (bad cholesterol) ratio. This makes elderberry extract a suitable supplement for reducing cholesterol.

Diabetes & Blood Sugar

Elderberry’s anthocyanin and phenolic content are known to offer resistance to diabetes. Furthermore, excessive oxidative stress can harm the body’s antioxidants and create insulin resistance. Elderberry is capable of preventing oxidative stress while increasing insulin sensitivity.

5.   Fights Chronic Diseases

The chemopreventive potential displayed by elderberry’s antioxidants suggests proficiency in anti-cancer activities. This potential is evident with the removal of reactive molecules that may otherwise accumulate and lead to chronic diseases such as cancer. Studies related to colon and breast cancer have also shown inhibition of proliferation of cancerous cells.

6.   Enhances Skin Health

Elderberry also saw significant use as a dermatological herb in ancient history. Products with these berries may contribute to the banishment of dark spots, wrinkles, and acne prevention due to their strong antioxidant capacity. Elderberry (in oil form) can also be topically applied over the scalp for enriched hair growth.

Elderberry Gummy Nutrition Facts

Elderberry gummies are a gratifying choice for health-conscious individuals. They retain the most vital nutrients needed for maximum immunity while tasting delicious in the process.

While most elderberry gummies contain the same list of ingredients, don’t be fooled—they can very different in terms of their medicinal amounts. At the very least, your elderberry gummies should have these three primary ingredients:

  • Elderberry Fruit Extract (Sambucus nigra): For all the health benefits listed above.
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): For enhanced immunity, body tissue repair, reduced inflammation, and promoting collagen formation for better skin.
  • Zinc (Zinc Gluconate): For improved immune system function, wound healing, and reduced systemic inflammation and oxidative stress.

If your product does not explicitly have all three of these ingredients on the label with clearly defined amounts, do not buy the product.

As far as the quantity of each ingredient, this can vary quite a bit between manufacturers. But in general, the best elderberry supplements contain 150 mg of elderberry extract per 2-gummy serving. This should be accompanied by 100 mg of vitamin C and 10 mg of zinc, approximately 100% of your daily value requirement for each.

Side Effects and Dosage

What are the side effects of elderberry? Elderberry gummies are unlikely to have any adverse reactions when taken in moderation. But, when you’re eating it in fruit form, there are a couple of elderberry side effects to consider:

  • Eating unripe/raw elderberries or elder plant leaves or stems is toxic and may cause gastrointestinal complications.
  • Elderberry is also high in fiber. Consuming too much may cause nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea, and even abdominal cramps.
  • Elderberry is known to lower blood sugar, so people with diabetes should be cautious when taking them.

How much elderberry should you take per day? The optimal elderberry dosage is 150-300 mg of elderberry extract each day, which equates to 2-4 gummies per day. For a difficult bout with cold and flu symptoms, you can increase elderberry intake to 1,200 mg per day for up to two weeks at a time. However, dosages this high are not recommended for long-term use.

Who should not take elderberry gummies? There is not enough research to confirm whether elderberry gummies are safe for infants or toddlers. Consult with a pediatrician, first. We also recommend that you avoid elderberry during pregnancy, or while combating autoimmune conditions like thyroid disease.

Final Thoughts on Health Benefits of Elderberry Gummies

Gummies are the most preferred form of elderberry intake as they’re a great-tasting supplement that provides the most effective immune support. This is because of its powerful anthocyanin content as well as the inclusion of two other natural antioxidants, zinc and vitamin C.

There are a diversity of benefits of elderberry gummies apart from being delicious and easier to consume than pills or capsules. Elderberry can enhance immunity, reduce inflammation, and may even help prevent chronic disease. For these reasons, elderberry gummies have become a mainstay in medicine cabinets around the world.