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Divinity Nutra

Magnesium Ultra Absorb

Magnesium Ultra Absorb

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  • Support stress relief
  • Healthy Sleep Support
  • Support relaxation and calm
  • Healthy Muscle Function & Recovery
  • Bone Health, Bone Density
  • High Absorption
  • Isn't diluted with less expensive and less absorbable magnesium oxide.

Ingredients Details

MagnesiumGlycinate Chelate Burffered
Magnesium Citrate
Magnesium Malate
Magnesium Elemental Weight 300mg

120 Capsules, 60 servings

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    • Made in the USA in a cGMP-Certified Facility with Globally-Sourced ingredients.
    • Vegan, natural and lab tested.
    • Gluten, Dairy Free and Nut Free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Good Value Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium is an important supplement for many aspects of your health, and many people suffer from it. This seems like good value for the type of magnesium provided (there is more than one). I'm not sure I've taken it long enough to really be able to report any positive effects. I can say that I haven't noticed any negative effects. The pills are easy to swallow and there is no unpleasant aftertaste like some supplements seem to have. The extra vitamins etc are supposed to be good for your health, and this seems like good value for what you get.

Good magnesium blend

There are many varieties of magnesium and I take a different blend than my husband. I got this one for him. This helps with many of his health problems and helps him stay relaxed and sleep well. I would buy again!

2 per day and you are ready

My husband loves that he only takes 2 and they go down quite easily, despite their size. He also says he was able to sleep better because of these products, so I'm very happy to hear that. Personally, I also like that it's easy to absorb and comes with 120 capsules!! I will definitely come back to get more when we are low.

Jason Dragon
Great quality and very useful!

I chose to test this product because it contains 300 mg of magnesium in three different forms – glycinate, malate and citrate – and claims a good absorption rate. Its potential benefits for nerves, muscles and overall energy levels attracted me. I've been taking it for almost three weeks now and enjoy the diversity of the formulation. Having different forms of magnesium has its benefits. Since all varieties are largely bioavailable, premium ingredients have not been used in their production. Overall it's good.

A blend of magnesium varieties

I like the combination of various magnesium in one supplement. Someone in my house suffers from leg cramps, another has trouble sleeping, so there's something for everyone here. The pills are easy to take and time will tell how effective they are. I'm just happy to have a product that makes finding individual strains simple!